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Muleshoe Area Public Library

Library News

  • Anne Camp Meeting Room

    Anne Camp Meeting Room

    This meeting room is used for our Summer Reading Program and other events.

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  • Children's Computers

    Children's Computers

    We have a child's computers in the main part of the library.

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  • Adult Computers

    Adult Computers

    Adult computers for use in the main part of the library.

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  • Anne Camp Fireside Lounge

    Anne Camp Fireside Lounge

    We have added a few things to the Fireside Lounge

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  • Libri Foundation, Hal Berenson and Linda Acherman Grant

    The Libri Foundation, Hal Berenson, Linda Acherman and the Friends of the Library have donated books to the Muleshoe Area Public Library. The books chosen were Spanish Easy books, Junior Fiction and Junior Non-Fiction books.

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  • Books purchased with the Texas Book Festival Grant

    Here is the list of the 166 books the Texas Book Festival Grant purchased for our library:

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  • Texas Book Festival Award 2008

    The library was awarded the Texas Book Festival Award this year.

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  • J. Frank Dobie Library

    The Muleshoe Area Public Library is the proud recipient of the J. Frank Dobie Grant. The Library was awarded $8,000 to spend on Non-Fiction books.

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  • "The Wave"

    "The Wave"

    Here is a close up of "The Wave" by Martha Hunnicutt

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  • The Brightlights of Muleshoe by Alice Liles

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  • Reading IS Important

    Reading IS Important

    BeTti and Hines know how important it is to read and they encourage you to come to our library and READ :)

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